Booking a Limousine for your Wedding

Contrary to belief, your wedding transport is the most important detail of your wedding day.


Getting you and your bridal party to the ceremony, the photos and the reception on time and fuss free, sets the tone for the day, which should be a relaxed and enjoyable time.


If your Limousine company is experienced in wedding transport, has well maintained cars and the Drivers are experienced in handling weddings then you have chosen well!


Looking for this type of Limousine company is not easy as there are so many in the wedding industry market today.  Do your research, ask for referrals especially from family, friends and the reception venue that your wedding will be held at.  Your wedding venue has many contacts when it comes to choosing high quality suppliers for your wedding day and they will be helpful in this regard.


Firstly, look for a company that has been in the industry for many years, hold accreditation in the industry and one that has received accolades for their service and work.  Secondly, look at the type of cars that they have in their fleet.  Are they well maintained, clean, air conditioned and late models if it is a modern car.  Thirdly, look at their terms and conditions.  Are they appropriate and reasonable, what is the sum of a deposit and when does the balance need to be paid.  Do they include parking and tolls in their quote and also look at their contract for their policy of drinking and eating in the cars and if any damage is caused to the cars.  Lastly, investigate their cancellation policy in the event of change of mind or change of wedding date and their overtime charges should your ceremony and photo shoot go over the time frame you have paid for the hire of your cars.


You will also need to look at their inclusions, regarding red carpet, wheel covers, baby seats (if required), water, champagne and food.  Having all these inclusions does make the day (especially if a hot one) more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your bridal party.


At present the Stretch Limousine is a popular choice at weddings for a number of reasons.  One being that the bridal party can all go into one car and this a fun and exciting experience for all.  Secondly, it does make people feel rather special driving around in the Limousine.  There is also a practical aspect of hiring only one car and one driver keeping usually keeping your costs down.  These days in Limousines, there is music, comfy seating and drinks to add to the ambiance!


The experienced Limousine company will also understand and assist you with planning your day around the times that you are required to be at the ceremony and the reception so that you can relax enjoy the ride and be sure that you will arrive within your schedule. 


It is recommended that you book your Limousine as soon as you know the wedding day to avoid disappointment as the best limousine companies get booked out early, especially in the peak wedding season.


A professional wedding driver will open and close the door for you, provide a red carpet and wheel cover to protect your dress – which is most important!  He/she should be happy and relaxed reflecting on your wonderful day.  A good Limousine company will also provide the little things, like tissues, pins, hairpins, mirrors, wipes, water spray for flowers and mints.


Wedding Industry bodies such as the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) is also a helpful source in looking for and determining a reputable Limousine company.