Reaching the pinnacle of one’s profession is a goal which every business aspires to achieve. Designing Dreams is also a pursuit which every wedding business strives to deliver to their brides. On Valentine’s Day 2010 one of Australia’s foremost wedding suppliers: Openair Wedding Cars was recognised for their consistent achievement of Designing the Dream of a brides perfect day.

The 2010 Australian Designer of Dreams Titles is a national program designed to determine who the best wedding suppliers are over a consecutive period of four (4) years. The Australian bridal market is one of the most demanding of industries as it requires wedding suppliers a one off opportunity to deliver excellence the first time, every time, there are no second chances. Repeating this outcome year after year after year, bride after bride after bride is a daunting task for which thousands of wedding suppliers strive to achieve. It is all the more daunting when the entity who determines this outcome are newlyweds who have been through the process of selecting and engaging wedding suppliers who have demonstrated their ability to design the ingredients which culminate in the delivery of the perfect day. Openair Wedding Cars is one such company who has consistently delivered these dreams over a consecutive period of 4 years.

Since 1997 the Australian Bridal Industry Academy (ABIA) has been conducting performance appraisals of businesses engaged in the supply of wedding products & services. Over 30,000 wedding business have been through the ABIA performance appraisal. The Chairman of ABIA Mr John O’ Meara said that Openair Wedding Cars should be extremely proud of being honoured by Australia’s peak industry body as one of Australia’s Top wedding suppliers, especially when one considers the level of passion and commitment required to consistently excel in the design of products and services which culminate in the delivery of the brides perfect day.

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